About Us.

Our company mission at Shoham Consulting

We will streamline the billing process to dramatically improve your cash flow.

Yossi Shoham, the president of Shoham Consulting,
has been working in all facets of the IT industry
for more than 17 years.
He has performed everything from technical support
to the analysis and design of multi-user systems
for the Port Authority and for major investment
banks in New York City.

As a programmer with a strong emphasis
on building user-friendly systems,
Yossi has designed and written the system
used to accomplish the
Outsource Billing In-House solution.

Yossi is committed to adding enhancements
and customizations quickly and efficiently

Evelyn Melleby, the internal auditor
and senior manager at Shoham Consulting,
has 14 years of medical billing expertise.
Evelyn has been involved in setting up new offices
for efficient medical billing processing.
In addition, she has worked as an office manager
supervising the administration staff at a medical
facility while streamlining front and back office procedures.

As the internal auditor at Shoham Consulting,
Evelyn is responsible for all the billing managers,
setting up new accounts and training users.

Her input in designing the system, writing the manual
and creating the procedures for the data entry clerk
and billing manager has allowed us to commit to a smooth
installation and productive operation.

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