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How Outsource Billing In-House turned out to be the perfect solution?

I am the president of EyeCare Advantage, we are one of the largest HIP contracted optical providers in Long Island. We are contracted with other payers as well, and are providing services at many locations on a large scale.

In the past we were experiencing many of the same problems as other providers. The major one being, slow or no communication on claims needing simple corrections in order to have them processed by the carriers in a timely fashion.

About four years ago I was introduced to Shoham Consulting, a company that developed a new business model to solve the problem of outsourcing medical billing. The idea was very simple - do the outsource billing at the doctors office. They provide the computers, software and the staff thus giving us confidence in the billing process, while offloading the responsibility to manage a billing department.

The success of Shoham Consulting medical billing service is in the attention to details. Starting with verifying the accuracy of the claim to addressing all EOB's from carriers not missing even one charge.

Our collection rate is up dramatically and the follow-up is quick. The communication is excellent as they are located right in our office.

Dr. Steven Ashinoff

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